Yoga Moves Vinyasa Krama Hilary Anne Brown Utrecht 2017 Advanced Teacher Training

Exploring the stages in teaching in Asana

Learn strategies for building an intelligent, safe and yet dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class with Hilary Anne Brown: from intention to savasana, with attention on integrating different levels of students in one class.

Explore both the bigger picture and the finer details of teaching a great class so you can reach your students deeper, build awareness and inspire people for years to come. You will leave the course better informed on how and why you might want to work in a more creative path and be able to adapt these ideas directly to your own teaching style and needs of your students.

We will look at the structural as well as energetic interrelationships among postures and how you can learn to use these relationships to build intelligent and safe classes. We’ll explore the bio-mechanics of how the body can open systematically, juxtaposed against gravity, to help you bring both dynamic alignment instructions and insight into your classes.

Discover how understanding family groups of postures in a constructive and cohesive way will help you make good choices and allow you to build your way towards peak poses, multi-level classes, balanced practices and be able to make classes with specific themes.

Learn about concept called “vinyasa krama” which helps you understand how to bring someone further in their practice using correct stages of teaching & learning with the body and mind. Knowing when to push and when to soften is key.

Dates: Thurs, Fri & Sun 14, 15 & 17 Dec 2017 | 11.30-17.00
(note: not on Sat)

Price: €225
Early Bird €195 (when paid in full before 1 November)

Location: Jan van Scorelstraat 41, Utrecht

Who is this for?
Yoga teachers, teachers­-in-training, teacher trainers. You have completed a yoga teacher training and are looking to take it further, or strengthen your foundation.

Suggested Reading Preparation:
Book Mark Stephens – Teaching Yoga:

Chapter 5: Creating Space for Self Transformation
Chapter 6: Techniques & Tools in Teaching Yoga
Chapter 10: Sequencing & Planning classes


14 - 17 dec '17


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