Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training Yoga Moves 2017 Utrecht

Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa® Teacher Training Program at Yoga Moves

Experience the full spectrum Prana Vinyasa Evolutionary 200/300 Teacher Training Program direct with founder Shiva Rea herself and her most experienced yoga trainers of Prana Vinyasa Yoga; lovely and grounded Coral Brown and Europe’s own flow master Christine May. In addition Demetri Velisarius will be offering the new Prana Danda training.

This certification program merges the great rivers of Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda for embodied, ecstatic living. It is a creative, synthesis-oriented program designed for self-motivated yoga practitioners who want to evolve and integrate the diversity of their life experience under the Great Tree of Yoga.

This celebrated, unique and effective Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training program offers a creative full-spectrum approach to the art of living and embodying the flow of yoga. Join the evolution! This approach has influenced the way yoga is practiced the world over for the last fifteen years.

The emphasis is on practical and experiential studies that are transformative, inspiring and in rhythm with the realities of our lives; combining a modern life and our passion for yoga with becoming a yoga teacher.
 We seek the balance of being a grounding force for you as a teacher to develop a body of integrated knowledge while leaving freedom for each teacher to follow their own path of evolution as they continue their studies with Shiva and other teachers.

Start with the core foundational modules, and choose from advanced elective modules, online programs & retreats with Shiva in India, Costa Rica, Greece, Europe and other locations.

With international teachers Shiva Rea, Coral Brown, Demetri Velisarius & Christine May

Our foundation modules include (in order they are given) over 2017/2018:

Fluid Power – Embodying the Earth & Fluid Body with Coral Brown (Oct/Nov 2017)
Tending the Inner Fire & Breath of the Heart With Christine May (Dec 2017)
Embodying Nature: Elemental Prana Vinyasa with Chakra Meditation with Coral Brown (March 2018)

Choose separate advanced modules depending on if you are building a 200 or 300 hour program.
Choose what suits your interest. (More will follow in future!)

Hindu Mythology: How ancient myths can help us understand our own lives as yogis
with Coral Brown (1 day – Nov 2017)
Narrative Therapy & Personal Mythology In Yoga with Coral Brown (1 day – March 2018)
Chakra Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea (June 2018)
Awakening Inner Alignment – Prana Danda Vinyasa with Shiva & Demetri (July 2018)
Soma Prana Vinyasa with Elemental Prana Flow Massage with Shiva Rea (Oct 2018)

All modules are supported by online practices within global Yoga Alchemy Online Portal.


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