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Cultivating Freedom: Vinyasa, Yin, Buddhism and Mindfulness with Whit Hornsberger

These weekend workshop sessions are dedicated to the practices of Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness. All sessions are carefully designed, as to create an environment for us to engage with, understand and apply the deeper facets of the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Buddhism. Following these condensed workshops is an opportunity for catalysing the progression of our practice.

Whit Hornsberger is a passionate, energetic and authentic teacher. He is gifted with the talent of transmitting ancient wisdom teachings in a relevant and easily accessible way, leaving us energised, inspired and in contact with our own inner wisdom.

Join one, more or all of these carefully designed 3-hour sessions of Vinyasa, Yin and Mindfulness with Whit.

Friday Evening €39 | €35 Infinity Members
Weekend €45 per session
All sessions €199 | €179 Infinity Members


16 - 18 feb '18


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