Core Flow

Core Flow Module for Teachers

Gain new insights to boost your classes and your yoga career. Join the creator of Core Flow Yoga, Marlene Henny, in her vinyasa based Core Flow Module for teachers. Learn to empower, rock, connect and transform your self and your students inside and out. Start to teach creative and unique core flow classes and become an in-demand CFY instructor or apply it in your regular yoga classes.

This module is not only a great investment for your professional growth, but also a great contribution for your own personal development. You will not want to miss for the world! You’ll be centered, inspired and empowered to skillfully guide others into the landscape of their bodies, minds and hearts and teach in a powerful, uplifting and joyful way.

Core Flow is based on specific core movements, core signature postures and sequences that bring the student into more core-generated alignment. One of the key elements of Core Flow yoga is the wave-like movements which moves energy and awakens your deep core line. it is a methodology that empowers students and teachers for a more efficient total body/mind transformation.


8 - 12 nov '17


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